ÜA marking instructions
Step-by-step guide to obtaining a registration certificate

1. Fill in and submit the fact sheet and monitoring contract application

  • Read the appropriate fact sheet carefully
  • Fill in the fact sheet and application and have them signed by your company
  • Submit the fact sheet, application and the specified documents to us

2. Initial inspection and signing the monitoring contracts

  • Inspection to ascertain whether you have the required production facilities at the production site and/or have the relevant authorisation (e.g. business permit) for production
  • Evaluation of the documentation system that is required for inspecting the production, the in-house monitoring system or the in-house production control system in accordance with the relevant standards
  • Discussion of how the producer can obtain the legally required registration
  • Clarification of any unanswered questions

In the event of a positive outcome of the initial inspection at your production plant, we will issue the monitoring contracts applied for.

Please contact us to find out more.

3. Regular third-party monitoring

Third-party monitoring is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards; we document this in a report and send it to you. The monitoring cycle is fixed and is carried out at the appropriate intervals.

Fire protection closures in ventilation ducts:
Every 2 years as a minimum

Fire, smoke and attic closures with continuous production:
Twice per year, directly at the production plant

Fire, smoke and attic closures with non-continuous production:
After the 100th product produced at the latest (twice per year as a maximum or every 2 years as a minimum), directly at the production plant

4. Special points to be considered for non-continuous production!

You must submit verification of the production volume and the production period to us via the “Production declaration for fire and smoke closures” form in good time, such that an unannounced inspection of the production and the in-house monitoring system can be carried out at any time.

Please note:

  • One production declaration is to be filled in for each location.
  • If various systems are to be installed and several different monitoring contracts are to apply at the same location, several production declarations are to be filled in accordingly.
  • A production declaration is also to be filled in for construction products that are based on a location-specific evaluation.

5. Apply for a registration certificate for the ÜA marking

And that’s all. You can now apply to the registration body for the legally required registration certificate.