Construction materials and
components testing
Putting equipment through its paces

Fire resistance of components

The fire resistance of components is one of the most important properties that ensures lives are not lost in the event of a fire.

The components undergo fire resistance tests on our rigs in Linz for the required period of time. Testing is carried out using European and Austrian test methods in accordance with the applicable requirements.

For example, we test

  • Fire closures
  • Smoke closures
  • Glass walls
  • Fire dampers and smoke dampers
  • Penetration seals
  • Facade systems
  • Non-loadbearing walls
  • Loadbearing and non-loadbearing ceilings
  • Components of Smoke and heat control Systems
  • Non-standard test

The results are summarised in a classification report, in line with the criteria of European standard EN 13501 and the duration of the test.

Reaction to fire test

In addition to the actual fire behaviour, the test gives us valuable information about the smoke and flaming droplets produced by the materials.

For example, we test

  • Insulating materials
  • Materials with very little or no organic content
  • Floorings and wall coverings, road surfaces
  • Composite thermal insulation and facade systems
  • Roof sealing systems

Depending on the target class (A-F) in accordance with European standard EN 13501-1, we test the product on a variety of testing facilities.

Non-standard tests

  • Burglar resistance of construction products
  • Long-term performance of fire closures
  • Hail resistance of construction products
  • Evaluation of special constructions
  • Location-specific evaluation of components with fire protection properties with respect to various criteria

We also carry out approval testing for water extinguishing systems and non-standard tests.

Test rigs