Inspection of technical fire protection systems
Safety is only guaranteed when functional reliability is guaranteed

Accredited inspection body

As an accredited inspection body in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020, we inspect your technical fire protection systems regularly to ensure functional reliability.

The system must be installed correctly and comply with the technical and statutory requirements. Only in this way can personal safety and safety at production sites and workplaces be guaranteed in the long term and injury/damage be kept to a minimum in the event of an emergency.

Acceptance testing and inspection

As your independent, accredited inspection body, we will be happy to carry out the acceptance tests and inspections needed to verify the operating reliability of

  • Fire detection systems
  • Fire control systems
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems
  • Foam and water extinguishing systems
  • Fixed water extinguishing systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
  • Spark extinguishing systems
  • Oxygen reduction systems