Inspection of construction products
The basis for “ÖNORM geprüft” and ÜA markings

Accredited inspection body

As we are an accredited inspection body in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020, you can put your trust in our proven and independent expertise in the inspection of construction products.

We ensure that the requirements of the relevant standards are complied with, thus establishing the basis for approval or making sure that “ÖNORM geprüft” and ÜA markings are retained.

Inspection of burglar-resistant elements

Burglar-resistant elements can undergo voluntary product certification that allows the “ÖNORM geprüft” marking to be displayed.

We would be happy to inspect your windows and doors.

Inspection of fire and smoke closures

Fire closures included on the Austrian construction materials list (Baustoffliste ÖA) must have the statutory ÜA marking. For these products, displaying the ÜA mark has been required by law since 1st January 2004.

The producer can apply for a registration certificate from a registration body; this is a basic element of the process. To do this, proof of a positive outcome of the initial test and a monitoring contract for regular inspection of the producer’s in-house monitoring system by an accredited body are required.

We inspect your

  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Windows
  • Fabric curtains
  • Glass
  • Frames
  • Attic closures
  • Fire protection closures in ventilation ducts

Guidelines for obtaining the ÜA marking

Each producer of fire closures who is obliged to obtain the ÜA marking must sign a monitoring contract with an accredited inspection body. Certain points must be borne in mind when applying for the ÜA marking.

We have drawn up practical guidelines explaining how you can obtain a registration certificate for the ÜA marking.