Fire tests for the approval of fire suppression systems
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Accredited certification body

The Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung (IBS) is an accredited testing, inspection and certification body under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and is also listed in the United Arab Emirates as a testing institute.

For many years, the skill and experience of our experts have led manufacturers of fire suppression systems worldwide to count on our support as a reliable partner for the testing and approval of their products for various markets.

Full scale fire tests and approval testing

  • Approval test and test report in accordance with EN 14972 Fixed firefighting systems – water mist systems, parts 1, 3, 8–10, 14–16, and standard FM 5560
  • Monitoring and performance of real fire tests
  • Development of test specifications on the basis of normative requirements
  • Development of representative fire tests for special and custom applications

Measuring technology for fire tests

Whether you order a stationary or mobile test, the test measurements are taken using our accredited and calibrated measuring technology.

  • Pressure: System pressure
  • Flow rate: Water flow rate
  • Temperatures: Thermocouples
  • Mass: Mass loss determination
  • Moisture: Material moisture
  • Gas measurement: CO, CO2, O2, HCN, CH4
  • Documentation: IP cameras, photographs

Stationary testing in Austria

In most cases, a special test environment is required in order to perform real fire tests and approval testing. With IBS, you can have your product tested at our premises and at the Zentrum am Berg research facility in Austria, where our partner offers unparalleled infrastructure.

Working with us gives you the opportunity to have large-scale real fire tests carried out in extensive open areas and in the special environment of mining, highway and railroad tunnels on a 1:1 scale at the Zentrum am Berg.

Mobile testing at our clients’ sites

Want to have the real fire test for your product’s approval test performed at your premises?

Thanks to our mobile accredited calibrated measuring technology and flexibility, we are able to carry out testing at your site. Our experts install the equipment on your testing station in accordance with standard specifications and monitor the measurements throughout the test.

Special and custom applications

Is there no standard for your planned application yet?

We will use our expertise to support you at every stage, from the development of test specifications for your specific application all the way through to the approval test, including issuing the test report.