Case studies
Special and custom applications

Full scale fire test Transformer up to 132 kV

On behalf of one of our customers from Poland, we used a mobile measuring system to test a low-pressure water mist fire suppression system for oil-cooled transformers up to 132 kV in size at a test site in South Africa.

Full scale fire test Warehouse storing rolls of paper

The objective of the real fire test was the site-specific approval of a high-pressure water mist fire suppression system for HHS and HHP risks. This involved the combustion of coated packaging materials and rolls of paper in upright and suspended positions.

The test was carried out using mobile measuring equipment in Felixdorf, Austria.

Full scale fire test: Drill-X at the Zentrum am Berg

The approval test for the novel extinguishing device Drill-X, intended for use by fire departments, was carried out at our partner’s Zentrum am Berg research facility using our mobile measuring equipment.