Die Unternehmensgruppe

Your accredited partner for technical approvals!

Both members of CPCN, IBS Linz and gbd Lab GmbH/gbd Zert GmbH, Dornbirn, have been recognised as Certification Bodies by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17065 (IBS, gbd) and EN ISO/IEC 17024 (gbd). Both companies place their main focus on impartiality and confidentiality in their certification work.

CPCN offers a multiple range of services and provides consultancy covering the whole life cycle of a construction product reaching from professional consulting services and development support to testing, certification/approval and periodical inspections. For all our customers, whether small and medium-sized enterprises or large industrial enterprises, the result at the end of the process is a successful CE or ÜA marking and in addition, a sustainable maintenance of this level of quality.

The main focus of our expertise will always be to carry out tests and inspections and issue approvals for fire protection products for our customers. Furthermore, we seek to offer a wide range of joint possibilities for testing, inspection and approvals under the auspices of CPCN with gbd Lab GmbH / gbd Zert GmbH in order to be able to meet further demands of our customers.

Next to the already known fire resistance and reaction-to-fire tests, we have also been carrying out further requested services such as tests, inspections and approvals of windows, doors, façades and walls since 2016.

Since 2017, we offer our customers in Hof near Salzburg to take advantage of the already existing range of tests in a new enhanced form.