Die Unternehmensgruppe

Our research activities focus on...

  • The development of new building materials for fire protection (fire resistance, material properties, application possibilities, ...)
  • Development of construction products
  • Development of hail resistant components and materials
  • Development of test methods and services for natural hazard prevention
  • Developments beyond standard sizes to be tested in the 9 m test rig

Example projects

Integrated (market) development of natural flame retardant materials made of leather shavings for increased fire safety.

The objective of the cooperation and network project FLAME is the (market) development and industrial feasibility of new, fire-resistant 2D board materials based on leather shavings for increased fire safety. All national and European accrued materials available from the manufacture of leather (leather shavings) should be used as a sustainable alternative to the increasingly scarce ligno-cellulosis resources and to fire-retardant salts.

Project partner
Degree course ‘Forest Products Technology & Wood Construction’ at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Innovation Cheques

The initiative programme ‘Innovation Cheque’ is a funding programme aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria to start ongoing research and innovation activities. This federal funding programme is processed by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

The Innovation Cheque enables enterprises to enlist the services of research institutions (such as IBS) and as needed to pay for these services by cheque to a maximum value of EUR 10,000.  SMEs are thus encouraged, and access is facilitated to a cooperation with research institutes.

Further information on the Innovation Cheque for SMEs can be found at FFG.

The ‘ACR Wissen’ knowledge database

Technology trends for SMEs

Wouldn’t it be great to know in advance what would have been a good future innovation?

Make use of the knowledge database ‘ACR Wissen’ and get updated on current technology trends within your field - and learn what opportunities these open up for your company.