Die Unternehmensgruppe

Next to our accredited testing activities we also carry out research projects. The know-how gained from this work guarantees a head start to all our customers. Moreover, the results are integrated in the national and international production of standards with the purpose of making the normative requirements as practically relevant as possible.

We are a member of the Austrian Cooperative Research (ACR) - an association of non-university research institutes in Austria. Consequently, it is possible to carry out funded research projects with IBS as your research partner.

The Innovation Cheque funding programme initiated by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is very popular among customers (SMEs) searching for a non-bureaucratic and efficient instrument in the implementation of research projects.

The focal point of our research and development projects is to provide support in optimizing construction products and materials in fire protection and the development of hail resistant construction products.

Special projects deal with the advancement of knowledge in fire origin and cause investigations, fire protection of cableways and the development of oversize constructions.