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Why make use of third-party monitoring?

According to the relevant standards, all construction elements applied in fire protection closures must have been subjected to third-party monitoring.

The standard requirements for fire protection closures must be provided after an initial test (suitability test by Inspection Body), ongoing self-monitoring or factory production control as well as a periodic third-party monitoring.

Our services at a glance

  • Initial inspection and third-party monitoring of fire protection closures which are subject to certification (fire resistant doors, fire protection closures in ventilation ducts, closures in attics,  smoke control doors, fire protection glazing, fire protection windows)
  • Initial inspection and third-party monitoring of steel frames for fire protection closures

How to obtain a monitoring contract

Every distributor of ÜA marked fire protection closures has to conclude a monitoring contract with an accredited Inspection Body.

Interested parties from Austria will receive the information sheet “Infoblatt Österreich” and foreign prospects will get the “Information sheet for foreign countries”. When all documents listed on the information sheet have arrived at the Inspection Body for Construction Products, an initial inspection of the customer’s manufacturing plant will be carried out.

The information sheet must be duly signed by the company before the order for an initial inspection can be given.

After a positive initial inspection, a general agreement (including all rights and duties of both parties) and the requested monitoring contracts will be prepared.

After receipt of the monitoring contracts, the Certificate of Registration required by law may be applied for at an appropriate registry.