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The Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy has recognised IBS as Testing Laboratory, Inspection Body and now also as Certification Body for products conforming to EN ISO/IEC 17065 and construction products conforming to the Construction Products Regulation (EU regulation no. 305/2011).

Being a European Notified Body (NANDO 1322), IBS is entitled to issue Certificates of Constancy of Performance for certain construction products that are recognised in all EU countries in compliance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

The overarching objective of the certification is to reassure all parties that a product satisfies the requirements set down by laws and standards.

Impartiality and confidence are absolute prerequisites for a Certification Body. The IBS Certification Body seeks to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved by offering qualified and reliable certification services.

If all standard requirements and the requirements of the general product-specific certification programme have been met, the applicant will receive a Certificate of Constancy of Performance from the Certification Body which will form the basis of issue of the verification of performance and the affixing of the CE mark on the product or in the accompanying documents.

Please note our scope of accreditation and notification services.

  • After receiving an email with the contact data and details of the product to be certified (informal statement of intent), the Certification Body will transmit the necessary documents.
  • In accordance with the certification programme, the duly completed and signed application form and other necessary documents must be submitted to the Certification Body.
  • The documents are verified, and it is established if any additions are needed.
  • The product type is determined - each product type requires for different tests, evaluations or further inquiries by the Certification Body.
  • The results (test reports, classification reports, other types of evidence) will subsequently be evaluated.
  • Next, the results of the initial inspection of the manufacturing plant and the factory production control (FPC) are presented in an inspection report.
  • A positive result of the initial inspection provides the basis of the certification decision.
  • Issue and submission of Certificate of Constancy of Performance.
  • Entry of certified product in the public register of IBS.
  • Hereafter, the certified product may be manufactured in compliance with the FPC.
  • Issue of declaration of performance and CE marking by the manufacturer.
  • Continuous monitoring of manufacturing plant and FPC by the Certification Body - monitoring report.

Licensees (cascading system) have the possibility of making use of a simplified procedure as per art. 36 of the Construction Products Regulation.


For the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) of fire protection construction products and safety products (e.g. exterior escape doors), system 1 is generally to be applied.

The issue of a declaration of performance and a certificate of constancy of performance for the CE marking by an accredited and notified certification body is therefore required.

Assessment and verification of constancy of performance

From 1 July 2013, the new rules under the Construction Products Regulation concerning the declaration of performance and CE marking became applicable. When placing a construction product on the market, the manufacturer shall provide an associated declaration of performance. Next to a number of product and manufacturer details, the declaration of performance shall also list all essential characteristics.  The legal requirements are laid down in Articles 4-7 of the  Construction Products Regulation. A template for a declaration of performance can be found in appendix III of the Construction Products Regulation.

The declaration of performance is a prerequisite of the CE mark.  Without making a declaration of performance, no CE mark may be issued. In conformity with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation, the CE mark may be affixed on the construction product itself or on the accompanying documents. However, it is recommended to affix the mark on the product as complete traceability of the product can only be an advantage for the manufacturer.

Further details on CE marking can be found in Articles 8 and 9 of the Construction Products Regulation.


Smoke barriers according to EN 12101-1
CE marking is mandatory since 01/09/2008
AVCP System 1

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems(N-SHEVS) according to EN 12101-2
CE marking is mandatory since 01/09/2006
AVCP System 1

Smoke control duct sections according to EN 12101-7
CE marking is mandatory since 01/02/2013
AVCP System 1

Smoke control dampers according to EN 12101-8
CE marking is mandatory since 01/02/2013
AVCP System 1

Fire dampers according to EN 15650
CE marking is mandatory since 01/09/2012
AVCP System 1

External pedestrian doors on escape routes according to EN 14351-1
CE marking is mandatory since 01/02/2010
AVCP System 1

Fire protection and smoke control doors according to EN 16034
CE marking is possible since 01/11/2016!
AVCP System 1

Curtain walling according to EN 13830
CE marking is mandatory since 01/12/2005

Personal fall protection equipment according to EU-Regulation 2016/425
- Anchor devices according to EN 795
- Roof safety hooks according to EN 517

Burglar resistance of pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling,
grilles and shutters according to DIN EN 1627
Optional certification as per national annexe

Internal doors with characteristics of fire protection
and/or smoke control according to EAD 020029-00-1102
AVCP-System 1


Here you will find all documents needed for the certification application and different product standard extracts on factory production control (FPC):


Easy and convenient:

We accompany you along the path to CE marking. You will submit your certification application and provide us with the required documents. And we will take care of the rest. After successful certification, you only have to draw up a declaration of performance and affix the CE mark to your product.

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