Die Unternehmensgruppe

A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Healthy employees as a recipe for success

The concern for health and fitness is increasingly important nowadays - but we all know how difficult it is to implement in everyday life. Therefore, we wish to help our employees to combine the both as good as we can. Next to talks and projects where everyone can make an active contribution, we also offer a variety of in-house wellness services.

Our “Healthy Employee Programme” was launched in 2007 and has been lived by our employees ever since. Every year, our steering group which also consists of employees take up new ideas on health and fitness and implement them jointly.

It soon became apparent that the concept of “health” not only has to do with the body and our fitness but also with our mental constitution. Talks dealing with topics such as work-life-balance are not only a means of prevention but are meant to show each employee how to relieve stress even better in home-life and at work.

The “Healthy Employee Programme” was awarded the Upper Austrian Health Prize in 2011.