Die Unternehmensgruppe
2015 Expansion of accreditation and notification with regard to Art. 46 of the Construction Products Regulation
2013 IBS is now also accredited and notified as Product Certification Body

Founding of BVS Holding GmbH with CEO Mr. A.A. EISENBEISS and
IBS - Technisches Büro GmbH with CEO Mr. Karl WAGNER

Opening of Test Hall III (9 meter tall wall test rig)

2006 Opening of IBS branch offices in Salzburg, Vorarlberg and Carinthia
2004 Opening of IBS branch office in Tyrol
1991 The state accredited testing institute IBS - Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung GmbH is now independent
1986 Installation of loading devices for the horizontal test rig
1985 A new test hall wing is annexed to the office building
1984 Expansion of accreditation of the Testing Institute to include devices and equipment for preventive fire protection
1983 Start-up of the horizontal test rig
1979 Extension of test hall (Test Hall II)
1969 Construction of test hall at Petzoldstraße 47
1964 Ongoing activity as government-authorised Testing Institute in its present form; Relocation of BVS and the Blitzschutzgesellschaft (Corporation for Lightning Protection) to Krankenhausstraße 1
1956 Authorisation of BVS to perform materials testing and certificate creation by the Federal Ministry for Trade and Reconstruction
1948 Constituent general assembly of BVS, a registered cooperative with limited liability
1930 Founding of the Oö. Landeskommission für Brandverhütung
(Upper Austrian State Commission of Fire Prevention)
1926 At the “Linz conference” insurance companies discuss joint restructuring measures of the fire business